Honeybush herbal tea is a fragrant herbal infusion prepared from the honey-scented flowers, leaves and stems of the Cyclopia herb, an indigenous South African fynbos plant found in the Cape Mountain regions. Twenty four different species of the Honeybush plant have been identified, of which mainly two species are used – C. intermedia and C. subternata.

Honeybush is ideal as a single herb tea or as a blending ingredient for fruit and flavor infusions. The green plants are cut, fermented and sun dried to produce Honeybush tea.

All Honeybush herbal tea products are pastuerized and processed to the same internationally recognized specifications as our Rooibos tea products. Herbal Teas International supplies a wide range of Honeybush tea products, both conventional and organic, packaged either in bulk or packaged with private label. We’re committed to being the leader in meeting the ever-changing needs of the consumer worldwide, continually developing new products in partnership with our customers.

Today, medical science is discovering the compounds naturally present in Honeybush tea that make it a popular beverage for those who want to enhance their health through nutrition and lifestyle. To find our more about Honeybush herbal tea products, browse our website.