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Herbal Teas International located in Irvine, CA, is the oldest and largest US based “direct from source” importer of bulk Rooibos, Honeybush and Lemon Myrtle teas and other unique herbal products. With US based warehousing facilities, leaf teas and extracts are available for prompt distribution to all major companies across North America, from the food and beverage industry, to makers of health supplements and cosmetic products.

In 1998, HTI agreed exclusive distribution rights for North America with its manufacturing partner, Rooibos Ltd. based in Clanwilliam, South Africa.

South African based, Rooibos Ltd., established in 1954, is the major producer of Rooibos and Honeybush products, with a total market share of over 70%. The company has developed a worldwide reputation for a consistent supply of a wide range of high quality teas. As a HAACP certified facility, quality control is a high priority and new state of the art QC labs ensure that only the best teas make it to market. The factory in Clanwilliam, is located in the heart of the Rooibos growing area about 200 miles north of Cape Town. Recently a multi-million dollar upgrade to the manufacturing facility was completed, along with the construction of a brand new powdered extract plant.

Herbal Teas International is now firmly established in the US as the most reliable and prompt supplier of these unique caffeine free teas in bulk quantities. All our products are available in USDA, EU and Organic form. They are also Kosher and Halaal certified. We meet supplier GMP guidelines and take great pride in providing prompt and excellent customer service to the industry at all times.

Our recently formed, fully owned subsidiary, Tiger Botanicals, has been set up to market and distribute all our other unique botanicals sourced primarily from Africa. These include Hoodia, Baobab, Pelargonium, Sceletium, and Irvingia (African Mango).

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